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Stacked with Stackend: Andreas "Anton" Ströberg with Eamonn Carey

Stacked with Stackend: Andreas "Anton" Ströberg with Eamonn Carey

In episode 17 of Venture Everywhere, Eamonn Carey, general partner at Tera Ventures, LP of Everywhere VC, and GP of The Fund London, chats with Andreas "Anton" Ströberg of Stackend a social shopping platform supercharging Shopify users. Anton shares the journey of Stackend, from its origins in building a community backend platform for media companies to its evolution into a tool that combines content commerce, live commerce, and community commerce. Tune in to discover insights about the Swedish tech ecosystem and the impact Stackend aims to make in the world of online retail.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Anton’s founding journeys, including working with and learning from various mentors from previous companies 

  • The intimate and supportive nature of the Swedish tech ecosystem and the ability to connect with successful founders and investors 

  • How the size of a community impacts trust and equity, as well as customer acquisition costs and conversion rates 

  • How to move past inertia and find the right audience who is willing to build something new and impactful rather than using what is already familiar 

  • Juggling different industries and interest areas while tackling go to market and getting traction

Find Andreas “Anton” Ströberg at:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreasstroberg/

Website: https://stackend.shop/#/

Email: Anton@stackend.com

Learn more about Eamonn Carey | Everywhere VC | Tera Ventures | The Fund London

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ecarey/

Website: http://everywhere.vc/ | https://www.tera.vc/ | https://www.thefund.vc/community/london/

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