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Unleashed: Vivian Graves with Andrew Luna

Unleashed: Vivian Graves with Andrew Luna

The host of episode 28 of Venture Everywhere is Vivian Graves, Founder and CEO of Otis, a platform working with vets and vet techs to create a new model of care delivery that both alleviates the burden on the entire pet health ecosystem and is financially sustainable. Vivan chats with Andrew Luna, Founder and CEO of Hound, the leading work platform in veterinary medicine. They’re transforming veterinary job processes, hiring, shift coverage, engagement, retention, and care access. Hound’s innovative software allows vets to work how they want, love their work and care for more pets. Vivian and Andrew discuss the challenges encountered by veterinary professionals and tech's pivotal role in shaping animal care. With a blend of their entrepreneurial experiences — from Vivian’s venture capital insights to founding Otis, and Andrew's journey from veterinary aspirations to technological innovation — they lay out a blueprint for revolutionizing the pet health ecosystem.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The severe shortage of veterinarians in the United States and its effects on pet healthcare.

  • Incorporating modern technologies such as telemedicine to address the gap in pet healthcare.

  • Barriers to progress in the veterinary industry, including resistance to change and regulatory hurdles.

  • The importance of community and networking in building a company.

  • Strategies for engaging both veterinarians and pet owners in the digital space.

  • Demographic shifts and the increasing number of female professionals in the veterinary field. 

Learn more about Andrew Luna | Hound

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/ailuna

Website: https://www.hound.vet/ 

Learn more about Vivian Graves and Otis

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/viviangraves

Website: https://www.otispet.co/ 

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