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Efficiently Speaking: Kaustav Das with Scott Hartley

Efficiently Speaking: Kaustav Das with Scott Hartley

In episode 23 of Venture Everywhere, Scott Hartley, co-founder of Everywhere Ventures, chats with Kaustav Das, co-founder and CEO of Efficient Capital Labs. Efficient Capital Labs (ECL) empowers B2B SaaS companies to leverage their steady revenue streams, thus providing them with access to non-dilutive funding options that support their expansion goals. With a career spanning over two decades, which include extensive experience in risk assessment and management in the fintech sector, Kaustav has positioned Efficient Capital at the forefront of cross-border financing.  

In this episode, you will hear:

  • The deep impact of professional relationships, seen as long-term investments beyond transactions.

  • The evolutionary path of SaaS companies in India, charting their progress from local entities to global contenders.

  • Strategic approaches adapted to secure international funding and overcome regulatory hurdles.

  • Predictability of revenue streams in SaaS models and the challenges of striking a balance between risk and return.

  • The intricate balance between aggressive growth and risk management. 

  • Efficient Capital’s expansion plans, which involve transcending the SaaS vertical.

Learn more about Kaustav Das | Efficient Capital Labs (ECL)

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/kaustav-das-b6a86166 

Website: https://www.ecaplabs.com/ 

Learn more about Scott Hartley and Everywhere Ventures

Website: http://everywhere.vc/ and  scotthartley.com  

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/scotthartley 

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