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Harvesting Data: Charles Baron with Akash Nandi

Harvesting Data: Charles Baron with Akash Nandi

The host of episode 27 of Venture Everywhere is Charles Baron, Co-founder and CPMO of Farmers Business Network (FBN), a platform that helps family farmers maximize their profit potential with data and technology, direct-to-farm commerce, and community. Charles catches up with Akash Nandi, Co-founder and CEO of Tendrel. With the goal of empowering frontline workers and optimizing decision-making, Tendrel is establishing the necessary data infrastructure to transition manual labor tasks from analog inefficiency to data driven optimization. It's a tool designed to integrate with the existing workflow of operations without the disruption of introducing new hardware. Charles and Akash discuss the significant shifts that data science and technology are bringing to the agricultural and industrial sector, moving beyond traditional practices into a more efficient, sustainable future.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Tendrel’s aim in boosting frontline labor decisions with a global data platform with software-centric solutions.

  • Data analytics role in transforming farming into a catalyst for growth, efficiency, and sustainability.

  • Optimizing CEA workflow and workforce efficiency by capturing worker data.

  • Challenges in the agricultural sector, such as resistance to new technology and shifting from hardware to software approaches.

  • Utilizing cloud-based rules engine to streamline operations while respecting existing workflows.

Learn more about Akash Nandi | Tendrel

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/agnandi/

Website: https://www.tendrel.io/

Learn more about Charles Baron and Farmers Business Network (FBN)

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charles-baron-44163a6/

Website: https://www.fbn.com/

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