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I co-founded Everywhere Ventures, and co-manage it with Jenny Fielding. Together we invested over $50 million into over 250 startups. I co-founded Two Culture Capital, and have been a VC partner since 2011, and an operator at Google and Facebook. For more on my background please see my website at www.ScottHartley.com.

As a 12-year venture capitalist I’ve had the tremendous privilege of getting to talk to well over 10,000 entrepreneurs and leaders, and what is apparent is that there is no one single path to success. In this blog and podcast I dive into conversations with some of the amazing people in my life to talk about creativity and motivation.

My first book, THE FUZZY AND THE TECHIE, explores why the Humanities are ever more vital in our AI-driven world. They frame and tame our tech tools, and are the educational counterpoise to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

In FINDERS, MINDERS, AND GRINDERS I explore the many paths to success, and why you don’t have to become CEO to be happy. I interview leaders in art, culture, politics, and business to understand the many paths to breakthroughs and excellence. And of course, I talk a lot about venture capital, what I spend all day doing.

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Author of THE FUZZY AND THE TECHIE. Co-Founder of Everywhere Ventures and Two Culture Capital. 12+ year VC, investor in 300+ companies.